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10th edition of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, 23-28 May 2016, Portorož (Slovenia)

Held under the Honorary Patronage of His Excellency Mr. Borut Pahor, President of the Republic of Slovenia

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Keynote and Invited Speakers

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  • Roberto Pieraccini, Jibo Inc., USA - Keynote Talk on Thursday 26 May at 9:00

Roberto Pieraccini is a speech recognition and spoken language human-computer communication expert, an artistic photographer and a writer. Born in Italy, he has lived in Viareggio, Torino, New Jersey, New York State, shortly in Paris, Manhattan, and now lives in Berkeley, California. He has moved from corporate research (CSELT, Bell Laboratories, IBM Research), to startups (SpeechWorks, SpeechCycle), to academic research management (ICSI, Berkeley). He is now leading the conversational team at Jibo, Inc.

Read the abstract: The challenge of conversational machines: from MUSA to Jibo


About Roberto:
Follow him on Twitter: @RobertoPieracc


  • Simon Krek, Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia - Invited Talk on Thursday 26 May at 13:10

Simon Krek is a research scientist at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Jožef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana. He is also heading the Centre for Language Resources and Technologies at the University of Ljubljana. He started his career in lexicography and later moved to the field of natural language processing. In the last ten years, he was involved in several projects developing NLP resources and tools for Slovene. Between 2008-2013 he coordinated the »Communication in Slovene« project whose results include a billion-word corpus of Slovene with a new tagger, parser and pedagogically-oriented web concordancer, a morphological lexicon and lexical database, serving as a basis for a web-based pedagogical dictionary, grammar, and orthography guide. In addition to his work in lexicography, corpus linguistics and natural language processing, he is involved in developing language technology infrastructure for Slovene and in language policy and planning in Slovenia.

Read the abstract: Slovene and the South Slavic Language Family – the Obligation of Expressing Duality and Other Stories from the South


About Simon:
Follow him on Twitter:@SimonKrek


  • Ryan McDonald, Google, UK - Keynote Talk on Friday 27 May at 9:00

Ryan McDonald is a Research Scientist at Google. He received a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania and a Hon. B.Sc. from the University of Toronto. Ryan's thesis focused on the problem of syntactic dependency parsing. His work allowed complex linguistic constructions to be modeled in a direct and tractable way, which enabled parsers that are both efficient and accurate. In 2008 he wrote a book on the subject entitled Dependency Parsing. Since joining Google, Ryan has continued to work on syntactic analysis, in particular, extending statistical models learned on resource rich languages, like English, to resource poor languages. Ryan's research also addresses how these systems can be used to improve the quality of a number of important user-facing technologies, such as search, machine translation, and sentiment analysis.

Read the abstract: The Language Resource Spectrum: A Perspective from Google

View/Download Ryan's Presentation (pdf)

About Ryan:


Important Dates

  • 25 October 2015: Submission of proposals for oral and poster papers
  • 25 October 2015: Submission of proposals for panels, workshops and tutorials
  • 27 November 2015: Notification of acceptance of worksohps and tutorials
  • 1st February 2016: Notification of accepted papers
  • 18th February 2016: Online Registration
  • 17th March 2016: Final Submission Deadline
  • 23-24 May 2016: Pre-conference Workshops & Tutorials
  • 25-26-27 May  2016: Main Conference
  • 28 May 2016: Workshops & Tutorials

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